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Skill development

The Home Run high school programs focus on developing “soft skills,” also sometimes called “21st Century Skills,” “transferrable skills,” etc. These are skills you will need in any job, such as oral and written communication, collaboration and teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Soft skills are different from the “hard” technical skills you need for specific jobs. For example, to be a video game designer you need some skill in coding. But coding is not usually needed to be a firefighter or a farmer.

Home Run internships

The Home Run internship program offers paid, 8-week summer internships to qualified high school students in the Washington Unified School District. Interns receive regular soft skills training and feedback from supervisors, and can earn college credit.

How to qualify

To be eligible for a Home Run internship you must be 16 years old by the first day of the internship (usually mid-June). River City High School students must have completed at least one Career Technical Education course. Yolo High School students may qualify with a referral from a teacher or counselor.

How to apply

The Home Run uses InternSource to accept internship applications. Available internships are usually posted in mid-April, and the deadline to apply is usually in early May. The exact deadline will be included in the job listing. Applicants are expected to interview for the positions they want.

Soft skills training

Each year’s intern cohort will spend a few hours a week together to receive soft skills training, share successes and challenges, and provide peer coaching to one another.

Save for college

Through the Home Run’s Ready, Set, Save! program, interns can earn an additional $50 for college or other postsecondary education or training expenses for each internship completed. Visit Ready, Set, Save! to sign up.

Home Run digital badges

Digital badges are “micro-credentials” that serve as evidence of certain skills—like merit badges in scouting, but virtual. Home Run digital badges help youth learn important soft skills. Once you earn a digital badge you can add it to your LinkedIn profile or share it with potential employers.

How to earn digital badges

The West Sacramento Home Run offers three 21st Century Skills digital micro-credentials that can be earned by completing an interactive, online course. For more information, visit our Digital Micro-Credentials page.

If you sign up for the Home Run’s Ready, Set, Save! program you can earn $50 towards college or other training for each micro-credential you earn! Visit to sign up.

Why are digital badges important?

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